• Tuesday, December 06th, 2011

I have submited my 4k entry. Feel free to  play with it ;)

ZZRace 4k

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• Monday, December 05th, 2011

I didn’t update in a while, but my arcade cabinet is quite advanced.

While doing the drawing one of my main concerne was the layout of sticks&boutons. Hopefully, there is a really interresting website that give a bounch of layout :

So what it should look like :

Arcade Cabinet

I will not keep the black color and while creating the cabinet, enhancement was done. I didn’t take photo yet, but I will post some.

Drawing :

• Friday, December 02nd, 2011

There we are ! The Java4k is officially opened.

I have worked a few on my game. Some optimization on the music format, some optimization on variables in the code, and I had enough space to change vector graphics to sprites :-)

ZZRace 4k v2

I’m going to wait a few days before submitting my game.

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• Saturday, November 19th, 2011

I have done some progress on my 4k entry :

  • Gamplay : 100 %
  • Graphics : 100 %
  • AI : 100 % (but there is not mush challenge)
  • Physics : 100 % (I have made some corrections)
  • Tracks : 90 % (There is still some bugs on some tracks)
  • Music : 100 %

Size : 4063 bytes

So there is just a few sweaking to do to finish it :D. My main concerne is the AI.


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• Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

I have done some progress on my Java 4k entry. I called it ZZRace 4k since it is a 4k version of a very old game of mine : ZZRace.

Physic : 100% (I have faked physic for collissions but it look good so no problem)
Graphics : 100%
IA : 100 % (not smart but they cheat so there is chalange)
Gameplay : 50 % (I have to add score, track change, pause between tracks, …)
Tracks : 100 % (6 different tracks)
Music : 0 %

For a total of 2644 bytes :D

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• Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

A bit late but the Java 4k 2012 has started ! :-)

I really like this competition (even if I’m not that good to it :razz: )

This year, I will do a racing game. So my aim is :

  • a racing game : vector graphic, basic physic
  • several tracks (procedural generation)
  • Opponents with a basic IA (more or less dump depending to the size left)
  • Music (if there is enough size left)

I have allready done some coding, graphics, control, some IA, half of the physic : 2ko. Good start :D

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• Thursday, November 03rd, 2011

There was a small problem with the CAPTCHA for comments.

I have updated everything (WordPress and plugins). Now everything works fine :)

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• Wednesday, November 02nd, 2011

I like Arcade games and since a long time I wanted to have a MAME cabinet. I get my hands on an old PC so this time I really want to create one.

I found quite some information on the net but nothing that I really like. My aim is not do a replicate of an existing cabinet but rather a “small” custom one. I want to do it cheap too.

First step: buy a monitor.

I found a 19” LCD monitor on eBay for 40€. It has some scratch on the side, the display is not top noch but it is OK for what I want to do.

Second step : found how to create controlers.

I didn’t want to do hack on a keyboard or a joystick so I searched a “joystick card”. There is several cards that can be bought on the net. I choose a “GP-Wiz40-Eco”. It is cheap, it got enought inputs but I will have to do some soldering (not really a problem).

It can be bought from And so I bought 2 sticks and a bunch of buttons :

  • 6 action buttons by player
  • 4 general buttons by player (start, coin, select,…)
  • 4 general buttons (exit, reset, …)

First problem, there is no datasheet for sticks and buttons… I had to way to get them to be able to dimension them.

I have choose :

Total : 100 $ :? much more than I was expected.

Next step: create drawing of the cabinet.

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• Tuesday, November 01st, 2011

At last, I have published the wordpress version of my website.
There is still some pages missing from the last website but it is better that not doing any update.

• Saturday, December 04th, 2010

Dealing with applets in WordPress is a real pain. Nothing in WordPress, no plugin, …

I finaly end up creating my own plugin to display applets. It may be not the best but it is working. I will share it when the website is released.

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